About Us


Acorn Consulting Group is a boutique accounting firm committed to quality services as 'your partner in business.' We pride ourselves on providing highly personalized, expert advice, tailored to meet your personal and business financial needs.

Established in 1989, our founding Partner - Vince Rizzo had a vision to provide a full range of business services to small and medium enterprises, family businesses, high-net-worth individuals and professionals.

Since  then, in 2012 after a long assocation with the firm, Danny Arlet and Chas Sauro joined forces with Vince believing in his vision of forming close relationships with our clients to better understand their business and service their needs.

At Acorn Consulting Group, we have an extensive network of specialists  and contacts, whom we are closely aligned with including, Legal and Tax Law Practioners, Financial Planners, Finance Brokers, Buyers Advocacy Services and Insurance Brokers.

This ensures that our clients' interests and financial wellbeing is our focus and priority.

Plan. Start. Grow.  Live 


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