Succession Planning


Acorn Consulting Group assists in demonstrating how this important area is critical to your overall wealth creation and protection, and why it is important to plan for significant asset transfers to secure the most appropriate after-tax outcome.  For many people, the money tied up in their business may well be their largest single asset for retirement purposes and it is important to plan for the best outcome possible.

Succession planning is the careful planning and establishing of a clear path for the transfer of equity or management of your business to ensure that:

  • The best outcome is achieved for the outgoing owners
  • The future of the business is maintained by the new owners and/or management.
  • A realistic price is achieved for the sale of a business

We assist with the transfer so that all parties involved achieve their aims and objectives, after considering all commercial and taxation consequences including:

  • Advice on structures
  • Advice in relation to the options to consider in selling or transferring a business, and how to effectively exit the business
  • Consideration of settlement periods and conditions

Access to specialists to prepare all related agreements and legal documentation.

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